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Battling Chronic Inflammation in Your Digestive Tract

Uncomfortable, inconvenient, embarrassing — these are all terms to describe digestive problems. Although everyone has an occasional upset stomach and most minor digestive issues go away fairly quickly, chronic digestive inflammation can cause much longer-lasting gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Our team here at Wellness Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee, can help you optimize your health and body function, reducing inflammation in your digestive tract and elsewhere in your body. We might espouse the benefits of NAD therapy, but we also know that wellness isn’t one size fits all. Our treatment plans are tailored to address your specific needs. 

Inflammation facts

Your immune system is your body’s defense system. When it senses an injury, virus, bacteria, or other threat, the immune system releases antibodies to fight off the danger. Those antibodies trigger inflammation, which usually manifests as swelling, pain, and occasional loss of function. 

Most of the time, inflammation subsides when the threat to your health is gone. In some cases, your inflammation persists and becomes chronic. Though chronic inflammation can begin as a healthy immunologic response, in other cases, it develops because of autoimmune disorders, chronic stress, or exposure to environmental toxins. 

Chronic inflammation in the digestive tract

Your digestive tract is vulnerable to inflammation. Symptoms vary depending on the cause and severity of your condition. They’re usually intermittent with periods of normal function between flare-ups. Common digestive tract inflammation symptoms include:

In addition to these uncomfortable symptoms, chronic digestive inflammation can interfere with nutrient absorption, which leads to other health problems.

About NAD 

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It’s an essential compound that supports optimal function throughout your body. As you age, your NAD levels decline, contributing to declining cellular health, low energy levels, and decreased metabolism. 

We offer NAD therapy to enhance your overall health by supporting optimal cellular function. It reduces inflammation throughout your body, alleviating many uncomfortable symptoms. 

Treating chronic inflammation in the digestive tract

We spend time getting to know you, your medical history, your symptoms, and your concerns so that we can provide a fully customized treatment plan. Understanding your need allows us to select treatments that truly address your medical problems and enhance your wellness over the long term. 

Your treatment program could include

Developing an effective treatment for your chronic inflammation may take some time, but we support you throughout your journey to better health. 

Chronic inflammation in your digestive tract causes many distressing, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing symptoms. We offer personalized treatment plans to reduce inflammation in your gut and throughout your body to restore your health and optimal body function. Call our office, or schedule a consultation online today for a truly personalized wellness experience.

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