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How Hormone Imbalances Can Lead to Stress

You may have heard that stress can lead to hormone imbalances. Stress can affect your body in many negative ways, including causing your hormones to become out of balance. But hormone imbalances themselves can also lead to stress. 

Led by clinical director Tara Hamada, MD, our providers at Wellness Nashville explain more about how hormone imbalances can lead to stress and the effects that this can have on your body.

An overview of hormones

Hormones are chemicals your endocrine system produces. In a healthy functioning body, these hormones should be within normal ranges. But many things, including illnesses and stress, can send your hormones lower or higher than their normal levels.

When your hormone levels are higher or lower than normal, we call this having a hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances can cause a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms that can be difficult to identify and treat. 

Your hormones regulate several of your body’s key functions, including:

How hormones can become imbalanced

Hormones can become imbalanced in a variety of ways. Some of the most common causes of hormone imbalances that we see at Wellness Nashville include:

How hormone imbalances can cause stress

Your body is designed to function most effectively with the correct balance of hormones. But when your hormones are out of balance, it can cause a cascade of problems. One of the problems that hormone imbalances can cause, as we mentioned earlier, is increased stress.

The increased stress that hormone imbalances cause has rippling effects that can impact your health in a variety of ways. As with stress from any cause, you may experience the following symptoms:

It’s important that you work to keep your stress levels low and your hormones in balance. If you have any of the signs of hormone imbalance or chronic stress, we at Wellness Nashville can help you to find balance again. 

Call us at Wellness Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee, today or request an appointment online so that we can help you live a healthier life free of the effects of hormone imbalances and chronic stress.

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