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How to Control Your Cravings Over the Holidays

We’ve reached the holiday season, a joyous and fun time of year filled with traditions, family, and delicious food. Holiday food and alcohol can be so delicious and available in such a plentiful supply at this time of year that it can be difficult to resist, leading to unwanted weight gain and addiction relapse.

The good news is, it’s possible to resist your cravings while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle throughout the holiday season. Tara Hamada, MD, the clinical director at Wellness Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee, shares how healthy lifestyle habits and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) therapy can help you manage your cravings.

Tips for controlling your holiday cravings

Whether you’re looking to avoid a triggering substance, such as alcohol, altogether or simply limit your food intake over the holidays, these tips will help you manage your cravings.

Have a plan to cope with triggering situations

Managing your cravings is easier when you plan in advance what you’ll do when triggering situations arise. Before attending events with triggering substances at them, plan how you will manage any cravings you experience.

Plans can include physically staying away from the bar or deciding ahead of time how much you’ll eat at a party. It’s also okay to give events a miss if you’re not certain you’ll be able to control cravings while you’re there.

Aim to reduce your stress levels

The holiday season can get busy and cause many changes in your schedule, all of which can make this time of year feel stressful. Stress can cause you to experience more intense and frequent cravings.

Work on reducing your stress levels by practicing deep breathing, getting plenty of exercising, sleeping a full night every night, and saying no to holiday events if your schedule is too packed.

Get support from your loved ones

Supportive friends, family, and other community members coping with cravings can be extremely helpful in assisting you with managing your cravings. If you’re going to an event that triggers your cravings, asked someone at the event to help you avoid temptations as part of your advance plan to manage situations that trigger cravings.

Receive NAD therapy

If you regularly cope with strong cravings, it can be because you experience low levels of NAD. NAD is an essential compound present in your body that helps you manage energy levels, your metabolism, and immunity among other processes.

Aging, stress, and an unbalanced diet can all contribute to your NAD levels lowering. This can lead to experiencing increased cravings as a result of feeling more stress and fatigue.

Our experienced clinical team offers NAD therapy for cravings, a safe, effective outpatient treatment that reduces your cravings and improves your overall physical health. If your cravings over the holidays are becoming too intense to manage, NAD therapy can help. 

To get NAD therapy, our clinical team first evaluates you to ensure you’re a good candidate for the treatment and develop your unique treatment plan. Your NAD session takes place in a private suite that is extremely comfortable and clean.

During the 4-5 hour treatment, you’ll be able to use your suite’s provided workspace and wifi to get work done or access entertainment on your electronics. We also provide snacks, beverages, and space to move around and relax during your treatment.

If you’re frustrated with your holiday cravings and looking for an evidence-based solution that dramatically reduces them, it might be time to consider NAD therapy. Schedule a complimentary consultation at Wellness Nashville online or by calling 615-334-0167.

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