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NAD Therapy for Your Inflammation

As you age, issues and symptoms accumulate until they’re hard to track. Aging may start with just a single gray hair or frown lines that don’t disappear when you relax your forehead. Then, out of nowhere, it seems you’re combatting everything from sagging skin to brain fog. 

You eat right, exercise, and try to sleep, but even sleeping is getting more difficult. And your body needs sleep for your cells to repair themselves.

Maybe you’ve read that inflammation is behind many of your issues, so you’re already swallowing fistfuls of supplements. What more can you do to feel like yourself again?

At Wellness Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee, we offer NAD therapy. Through regular NAD infusions, we restore this vital component to your body to reduce inflammation, slow aging, and enhance cellular function.

NAD is everywhere (at first)

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a molecule that your liver produces. You find NAD in every one of your cells, where it acts as a coenzyme that converts nutrients from food into energy. The process of converting food to energy is known as the Krebs cycle. 

NAD helps your cells:

As you age, your NAD levels decline dramatically, which slows down the Krebs cycle so that you don’t produce energy or heal as efficiently. From age 20 to 60, the amount of NAD you have to energize your cells declines about 80%. 

It’s no wonder then that your body can’t repair itself as easily as it did when you were young, leading to key signs of aging, such as:

According to researcher David Sinclair, PhD, of Harvard Medical School, a major cause of aging is the loss of cellular energy. The reason behind the loss of energy is a lack of that critical molecule, NAD. 

When Dr. Sinclair’s team raised NAD in mice to youthful levels, their muscles and heart were rejuvenated. The same results have been found in humans, based on more than 64,000 studies on NAD.

How NAD therapy helps you

Wellness Nashville is one of just 50 clinics in the United States that offer NAD therapy. We deliver NAD through an infusion, so all of the NAD goes directly into your bloodstream, where it’s carried to your cells for energy production. 

Supplements that contain NAD, in contrast, must first be digested in your gastrointestinal symptom. This process slows down delivery and is inefficient.

Regular NAD infusions restore NAD to your cells so that they can function at more youthful levels. Our clients report that NAD therapy gives them benefits such as:

You sit in a comfortable chair while our medical experts administer your NAD infusion through a vein in your arm. You can read a book, listen to music with headphones, or meditate. You may need a series of 6-10 sessions to restore your NAD levels. 

If you’d like to quell inflammation and create more energy in your cells, contact us about scheduling an NAD infusion by phoning our friendly office staff or sending us an online message today.

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