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Recognizing the Signs of Chronic Stress

Recognizing the Signs of Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is more than just worry; it has tangible effects on our health. For instance, the American Psychological Association estimates that almost half of US adults spend hours trying to get to sleep due to stress. This makes it difficult for the body to do its necessary repairs. 

At Wellness Nashville, we take physical effects of stress like this seriously, and our staff of specially certified practitioners can help you recover. 

Taking the best care of yourself isn’t just about feeling less stressed. It’s about ensuring your longevity and time with loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide to help you recognize the signs of chronic stress.

How did I get so stressed?

Don’t blame yourself, and don’t think that you’re alone in this. All of us get stressed from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re stressed for a long time. 

Anything you can imagine can stress you out. It’s also not limited to adults. College students stress about their academics, employment, and job prospects; teens may stress about their social lives and physical changes. 

The simple fact is that our daily lives can be enough for us to experience stress for prolonged periods of time. When you live with chronic stress, it’s rare that you have a break from symptoms. Recognizing the symptoms can help protect you from more serious stress-related health concerns. 

What are the signs of chronic stress?

It’s not unusual if someone doesn’t recognize the signs of chronic stress. This condition isn’t always discussed in medical settings, despite its real-world effects on your body. 

In some ways, we’ve been conditioned to accept stress, even lots of stress, as a requirement for security and success. Being mindful of how you’re being affected by your responsibilities might reveal some symptoms: 

There are many more symptoms of chronic stress, including digestive problems, low self-esteem, and loss of sexual desire. Despite the severity of the signs of chronic stress, the possible outcomes are the reason to treat your stress seriously.

What can happen if I have chronic stress?

Stress raises your risk of developing several other chronic conditions, with some of the main concerns being heart attacks and hypertension. Chronic stress can also lead to: 

None of these conditions are healthy, and in some cases, you should consider psychological counseling. If you’re living a stressful lifestyle and have noticed any of these symptoms, we would love to be of assistance to you. 

I’m ready to try something new.

We understand how dangerous stress can be on the body. Wellness Nashville offers several effective treatments for stress recovery to help you feel better, enabling you to better manage your stress levels. 

Save yourself from the dangers of chronic stress. Call us today at 615-334-0167 or book an appointment with us online.

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