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Slowing Down the Aging Process

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that’s found in every cell in your body. NAD+ helps your body transfer energy between cells, and affects how efficient and strong your metabolism is. NAD+ also acts as a signal, telling cells when it’s time to turnover and rebuild themselves. 

As you age, though, your levels of NAD+ decrease. Cell turnover slows down. Cells themselves slow down. Luckily, research has shown that boosting NAD+ levels slows down the slowdown. 

Wellness Nashville recommends NAD therapy as part of a healthy lifestyle and anti-aging regimen. NAD infusions replenish your own flagging levels of NAD to energize your cells, reduce inflammation, and put the brakes on aging. Here’s how it works.

Power up your mitochondria

Your mitochondria are like the batteries in your cells that give them energy and let them function at peak capacity. But just as alkaline batteries eventually lose power and stop working, so do your mitochondria.

In fact, one of the hallmarks of how well you’re aging is the health and energy levels of your mitochondria. Flagging mitochondria = flagging health. When you increase your NAD levels, you give your mitochondria the power they need to energize your cells. 

The ability of your cells to function optimally is also impaired by inflammation. Inflammation is just one of the results of low levels of NAD+ and decreased cellular energy.

Revitalized cells revitalize … everything

Once your mitochondria have the power they need to energize your cells, everything — literally everything — works better. Almost every sign of aging begins with cells that have lost energy or don’t renew themselves well or efficiently anymore.

After a NAD infusion, each cell in your body has more energy. When your cells have energy, they can repair and rebuild themselves at a faster rate. Your NAD therapy leads to:

When your cells are powered with NAD, your metabolism speeds up, too. That means it’ll be easier to lose fat and put on muscle, much as it was in your younger days.

Maintain or restore your health 

Even more important than looking good as you age, though, is feeling good, too. And staying healthy.

By improving cell function and boosting mitochondrial energy production, NAD therapy reduces your chances of developing some of the chronic conditions that often accompany aging, such as:

Powered-up cells also give you the energy you need to stay active, which further boosts your health and reduces your risk for disease. We highly recommend adopting a healthy, whole-foods diet and exercising regularly, in addition to your NAD therapy. 

Even though you have more energy with NAD therapy, you also sleep better. Sleep is essential for health, particularly neurological health. With regular NAD infusions, you sleep more efficiently and more deeply so your body and brain can repair cellular damage as you rest.

Put the brakes on your aging train with anti-aging NAD infusions today. Contact us by phoning our friendly office staff or sending us an online message.

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