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Your goals, are our goals.

Working with therapists, counselors, and other professionals to provide integrated treatment options for people impacted by dependency, self-medication, and addiction.


The perfect addition to your continuum planning and care

Empowering clients to experience counseling.

By addressing the biological and neurochemical impacts of addiction on the body, the Wellness Recovery Program enables clients to experience counseling, recovery, and support services with mental clarity and reduced cravings not provided with traditional detox alone. 

Give your clients a head start.

Speaking about clients who come through Wellness Recovery, one family counselor said it is as if clients have a "head start" of 1-2 years compared to those who did not go through Wellness Recovery. 


Our success = patient success = your success.

Specializing on the body, to help you treat the mind.

Wellness Recovery's goal is to improve the efficacy and success of our partners by removing biological and neurological-chemical barriers for their clients.


By specializing in medical science and the biology of dependency, Wellness Recovery fills a needed area of expertise for many of our partners, in turn empowering their clients and improving their success.

Private. Timely. Discreet. 

For many clients - scheduling, relationships, reputational costs, and worklife prohibit them being able to participate in traditional treatment programs. 

Wellness Recovery has been specifically designed for real people - living in todays society.


People who cannot utilize the traditional treatment path finally have scientifically based approach that fits into their life.

Evidence based approaches backed by leading institutions.

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For more detailed information about Wellness Recovery, please see our Wellness Recovery page or contact us.


Are you a therapist, counselor or care professional?

Request a meeting with us to find out more about providing Wellness Recovery as a service option for your clients.

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