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Fully restored.

Personalized treatment to restore the mind, body & soul.


Personalized Wellness Recovery + Treatment

We specialize in Personalized Wellness Recovery Plans tailored exclusively for your patients. 

Our cellular approach to recovery restores from the inside out. Every Personalized Plan builds off of the patients specific needs and the vast knowledge base of our experienced staff.


We personalize care per patient that can include many IV therapies, peptides, vitamins and more to create a custom Wellness Plan focused on restoring the whole body during recovery.  Many seek out Wellness Nashville specifically as the premiere substance use recovery provider in the mid-south that holistically includes a robust regimen of wellness therapies.


Call today to find out more.

Our custom developed wellness program for challenges with unhealthy vices, cravings, dependency, self-medication, or addiction. learn more. 

Treatment Can Also Help You Restore...

More Energy
Reduce Anxiety

Improved Sleep
Mental Clarity
and more...

What Our

Patients Are Saying

"I tried everything over the last 40 years... and this has been the missing link. Wellness Nashville enabled me to do what I could not do before.”

Wellness Nashville Client  


Our protocols are based on promising research from leading universities published in the National Institute of Health.

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Personalized Treatment Plans
How it Works

We provide a free consultation and then create a tailored Wellness Plan uniquely designed for the patient.

There is no obligation for any treatment. The client can choose one treatment or multiple treatments, depending on their desires and needs. 


Clients often see the greatest results following a tailored Wellness Plan with recommendations from our medical staff.  

Call us today to schedule an appointment or to how Wellness Nashville can help your clients.


We’re here to help people restore.  

*Please note, because each patient is treated with individual care and focus, consultation spots are limited. If a consultation is not available at the time of your inquiry we will let you know about the next available opening. Thank you for your understanding!

General Disclaimers  - The services provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any therapy program. Client testimonials are voluntary. Individual results may vary. Wellness Nashville, PLLC is not affiliated with any universities conducting NAD research. Dr. Leonard Guarente (MIT) and Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard School of Medicine) are not affiliated with Wellness Nashville, PLLC. Their comments are presented for informational purpose only and are not an endorsement of Wellness Nashville, PLLC or its services.

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