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The team at Wellness Nashville takes an all-natural, holistic approach to total health. At their NAD therapy and wellness center just south of Nashville, Tennessee, it’s not about living longer—it’s about living as well as possible over the entire course of life. 

The focus of Wellness Nashville is on the benefits of NAD therapy. The National Institutes of Health has collected more than 67,000 published research papers on NAD. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, and it’s in every living cell of the body. It’s critical to cellular health, but diminishes as we age. Low levels of NAD are linked to chronic aging conditions like lack of energy, brain fog, and inflammation. 

Our consulting physician is the founder and creator of NAD BR+™ therapy (“Brain Restoration Plus”), with more than 20 years of treatment experience. While the practice bases its treatments on NAD therapy, the team knows that wellness is not “one size fits all.” Wellness Nashville’s personalized treatment plans take into account the client’s medical history, specific health needs, and wellness goals. Wellness Nashville collaborates with the client’s existing network of counselors, physicians, and specialists to ensure the highest level of care possible. 

At the center, NAD therapy is tailored to address a wide range of concerns, relieving stress, boosting energy, reducing anxiety and inflammation, promoting skin rejuvenation, curbing cravings, and fighting aging.

The team at Wellness Nashville takes a concierge approach to care, making sure to walk you through every stage of your personal wellness strategy, and answer any questions you might have in the process. Together, the personalized, holistic treatments can impact the mind, body, and soul to ensure you’re living your best life.

Take a big step toward total wellness.





NAD Therapy

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- 750mg NAD

- Private suite

- Physician consultation

- Snacks, WiFi, personal workspace, and other amenities

- Personally tailored wellness plan

- Individual education sessions on NAD and other wellness topics

And much more...


Wellness Nashville now has a special introductory offering for your first 5 NAD treatment sessions.




How many sessions do I need?

Our treatment plans are individualized for each client. Our physician will review your health history, discuss your treatment objectives, and may order lab tests in order to prescribe the best NAD treatment plan for you.

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We now work with most major insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.


Haven't heard of NAD before?

NIH* has collected
over 66,967 articles of NAD research.

*U.S. National Institutes of Health


As a fast growing area of academic research, NAD is being researched by institutions such as The Harvard School of Medicine and MIT. They lead the way in increasing scientific and public understanding of NAD and its benefits for cellular health.



Here are a few of the institutions researching NAD



Leading research on NAD from Dr. David Sinclair Ph.D. Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School.



The Toll Aging Takes on Your Skin

Not everyone will experience the natural process of aging, and even those of us who do may not embrace it. Keeping your skin at its best is a matter of self-love — and we can help. Discover how aging affects your skin and the benefits of NAD therapy.

How Anxiety Impacts Sleep

Anxiety affects more than just your mood — it can also affect your sleep. Find out more about this commonly reported mental illness and how you can get better rest if you have an anxiety disorder.

Understanding How NAD Therapy Works

NAD therapy isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Once you know how your body works to give you energy and keep you active, you can appreciate the benefits of NAD therapy.


Words from our patients

  • “NAD has across the board, changed my life.”

  • "Incredible staff! The quality of care was exceptional and everyone was so welcoming.”

  • “I came here for a NAD wellness treatment, but got so much more.”

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Wellness Nashville
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