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Wellness Recovery

Healing the biochemical and neurological causes of addiction.

Substance dependence is not a failure of character.

Every person has a unique history and biology. 

The biology behind challenges with unhealthy vices, cravings, dependency, self-medication, and addiction goes far beyond mere "detox". According to NIH, addiction is the process by which body and brain get chemically hijacked over time. Wellness Recovery focuses on healing the biochemical and neurological pathways involved in addiction.


Addressing cravings at their core on the cellular level, enables your body and mind to heal properly giving not only increased long term chances at success, but also a less invasive, more private, and less painful path through the initial stages of detox and recovery. 


Don't only take our word for it. 
Here is key information and research support from the FDA and NIH.

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For those skeptical about the biological and neurochemical underpinnings of addiction and dependency, here is what the National Institute of Health (NIH) has to say.


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Evidence-based care is key in our program.  There are new, FDA-cleared detox devices for significantly reducing withdrawal symptoms. Here is a testimonial from a patient’s detox experience with one of the many evidence-based care services that can be a part of your Wellness Recovery Program.



No matter what your recovery goals are when you come through our door, We have the certifications to ensure the privacy and quality care you need.

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We are a certified Outpatient Detox Facility by the state of Tennessee, and maintain all licenses and certifications to provide the highest quality care to clients.

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Financial Security is paramount, especially when it comes to healthcare. We proudly operate through Secure Trust to offer safe, secure, HIPPA complaint financial services and transactions.

A Program that is
Collaborative + Personalized

We begin with:
A complete medical & behavioral evaluation

Create your personalized recovery and health plan:
Utilizing evidence based detox protocols and  wellness therapies


Offer the latest non-invasive FDA approved:
Brain and neuro-stimulation therapy

Integrate and collaborate with:
Counselors, groups, and other support services  that are focused on your unique needs

All with Empathetic and engaging medical staff:
Providing education on all aspects of detox, recovery, the biological response to substance use, and how the specific elements in our Personalized Wellness Recovery Plans provide you the most comfortable experience through detox, and best chance for long-term recovery.

Wellness Recovery Details

What Clients

Are Saying

Hear from 3 different clients on what their experience was like, and the hope and peace they have after completing a Wellness Recovery Plan.
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 Shared by Nick, John and Jon.  

Our protocols uniquely integrate with counselors, group meetings, and support systems. 

Work with us directly and design a program for your specific needs. We can integrate with your current care network, or provide additional resources for you.

Collaborate with Wellness Nashville

Connect with us to find out how you can partner together with Wellness Nashville to provide our services to your network.

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General Disclaimers  - The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any therapy program. Client testimonials are voluntary. Individual results may vary. Wellness Nashville, PLLC is not affiliated with any universities conducting NAD research. Dr. Leonard Guarente (MIT) and Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard School of Medicine) are not affiliated with Wellness Nashville, PLLC. Their comments are presented for informational purpose only and are not an endorsement of Wellness Nashville, PLLC or its services. The services provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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